Prior to becoming an attorney, Dan Epperly served over twenty years in Law Enforcement, the Fire Service, and EMS. For most of his career, Dan was a Deputy Sheriff with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office. While serving as a Deputy Sheriff, he earned numerous community awards including being named the 1998 "Rookie of the Year" by the Veterans of Foreign Wars as well as being honored by the Fresno Deputy Sheriff's Association for "Outstanding Service." Dan looked forward to going to work every day, but sadly his public safety career was cut short due to an on-the-job injury.

Now an attorney, Dan Epperly represents Public Safety Personnel in all California venues. Dan Epperly and all of his staff have the highest respect for California's First Responders. If you are a First Responder injured at work, if you are considering your options regarding a Disability Retirement, or if you are the Survivor of a Public Safety Officer killed in
the line of duty, rest assured we are here to help you.

   Presumptive Injuries

California Public Safety Officers are entitled to a number of legal presumptions, most notably: Heart Trouble, Cancer, Hernia, Blood-Borne Pathogens, and the "Duty-Belt" Presumption. (Lab. C. 3212 et. seq.) Entitlement to these presumptions vary depending upon your job classification and the particular presumption involved.

Litigation of presumptive injures is a highly technical, specialized field. If you are a First Responder, your attorney should know these presumptions like the back of his hand. We have litigated presumptive injury cases involving less than obvious applications such as diverticulitis being found a Blood-Borne Pathogen and many cases involving the definition of
"Heart Trouble." If you have questions about whether a Safety Officer Presumption applies to you, please call for a free consultation.

   Disability Retirements

Safety Retirement Members who cannot perform the essential functions of their job may be entitled to a Disability Retirement with significant tax savings over a service retirement. These retirements are available to Safety Members injured at work even early in their career. Many First Responders take a service retirement when they could have qualified for a disability retirement, if only they had talked to a knowledgeable attorney about their options.

Dan Epperly networks with well-respected Public Employee Retirement Attorneys. It is recommended that Public Safety Personnel consult with an Attorney, such as Dan Epperly, who is knowledgeable of the interaction between Workers' Compensation, Disability Retirements, and the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

We recommend that all Public Safety Personnel call us three months prior to their anticipated retirement date or any point they suffer a serious injury to explore all options including the filing of a comprehensive Workers' Compensation claim.
Such claims claim can even be filed years after retirement.

   Choice of Venue

Some workers' compensation attorneys will file your case at the WCAB closest to their office. If you have to appear in Court, you may have to travel to a distant venue.

Likewise, the Code of Civil Procedure places limitation on how far you can be ordered to travel to have your deposition taken. Nonetheless, some workers' compensation attorneys will ask you to appear in their office to have your deposition taken, regardless of where you live or the limitations on travel you have because of your injury.

That is not the case with the Law Offices of Dan Epperly & Associates, PC. We are happy to represent Public Safety Personnel throughout California. Your case will be filed at the WCAB venue most convenient for you. If your deposition is set, we will come to you, anywhere in California, and sit right next to you. It is our honor to represent those who protect and serve.

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